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Background information about The CAB Portal and how it helps artists achieve their music and brand goals.


What is The CAB Portal?

The CAB Portal is a platform developed for the sole purpose of helping artists achieve their music and brand goals by providing them with resources, music hacks, tools, media, services, and an official store in one centralized location. 

What does "CAB" mean?

"CAB" simply means "Connect And Build", which is what you are doing when you sign up with our platform, as in connecting with information and building with the resources, tools, and hacks provided to make you a more developed artist and brand.

Why use The CAB Portal?

  • There's no need to spend hours searching the web anymore because all of the music related information you need is here within The CAB Portal at your finger tips.
  • The CAB Portal is a community, linking artists from all over the world, encouraging connections and collaborations by way of our Forum (Coming Soon).
  • Make new contacts with the owners and writers of websites/blogs that accept music submissions and organize/track your correspondence with them.
  • Members have unlimited access to consulting from The CAB Portal staff and music industry insiders and a Media Library with YouTube videos about marketing, social media outreach, increasing Soundcloud plays, etc.
  • We provide comprehensive lists of incredible platforms/apps that provide great services that can be used to market, promote, and share your music more effectively, as well as digital music distributors, record labels that accept solicitation, and so much more.
  • Our Blog provides articles related to music business tricks of the trade, product highlights, and interviews with artists and music industry insiders.
  • Each page/section of The CAB Portal Member Hub is continuously being updated, adding new content weekly.
  • The Events Calendar includes music festivals and conferences being held across the United States (with more countries to come) in 2018. Some of the festivals accept artist submissions for the chance to perform live and the conferences are great opportunities to network with industry professionals and learn from the pros.
  • Our official store includes products that any artist would love -- music software, tech, instruments, headphones, computers, bookbags, and studio equipment. *The CAB Portal is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

What does it mean to be a Brand Partner?

The Brand Partners are recommended platforms that provide a high level of service and trusted value to artists. These brands have the capacity to work with artists with all their music marketing, song/video promotion, and public relation needs. Our Brand Partners provide discounts and promo codes to our members and site visitors. 

The current and growing list of Brand Partners includes:, Hip Video Promo, DropTrack, DOPECAUSEWESAID, and Stimulated Media.

How much does a membership cost?

Access to the Members Hub of The CAB Portal is FREE when you sign up. We do have a VIP Membership for $5.99/month which gives you access to the DOPECAUSEWESAID Influencer Program, an Artist Showcase feature, and much more. Click HERE to see what else is included in the VIP Membership. 

Does The CAB Portal offer services?

Of course we do! We offer consulting, website creation, as well as graphic design, and official biography, one sheet and press release development services. For more information about these services, go to our Artist Services page.