Artist One Sheet

Tips for developing an artist one sheet for music promotion, as well as an example.


A one sheet is a single digital document that is used by an artist/band to generate media coverage for a new song, video, or project release.  One sheets are similar to press releases, and in some cases, they serve the same function. The one sheet can also can be helpful if you're contacting the media (website/blog/magazine) because you want them to review a project, and in this case, you should include a track list and select a few standout tracks to highlight. The one sheet can also be used when contacting venues to book gigs or reaching out to radio stations. This way, the one sheet functions like a rudimentary press kit to promote an artist and/or band.

Components of a One Sheet:

  • Artist/Band Overview
  • Major achievements
  • Photograph(s) of the artist/band
  • Cover artwork for the release
  • Names of the stronger, more representative tracks (*if for project release)
  • Contact information
  • Website and/or social media feeds