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BeatStars is the social music marketplace for recording artists, songwriters, beatmakers and music producers!

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RawHeatz Beats is the #1 site to buy beats and sell hip hop beats online, with one of the most comprehensive selections of hip hop beats and dirty south instrumentals available to artist and performers around the world.

Mini Producer is taking the music world by storm with her dynamic sounds, contagious personality and larger than life presence. Despite being born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a rare disorder that impacts her height, has her rely on a wheelchair to get around and overcome many obstacles, she’s still had the drive to master the music production and creative process. Mini Producer is becoming a viral sensation, being featured on major college publications, major press (Daily Mail), international documentaries that gained massive attention, and viral producer segments that amassed hundreds of thousands of hits.

Coming from Munich, Germany, producer Capital P. has spent his last four years making music. He started playing Saxophone when he was 13 and went to Russia and Brazil for touring and concerts with his local Big Band. His inspiration for sound is mainly coming from R’n’B, Hip Hop and Soul. His productions feature a wide range of instruments, synthesizers and effected vocals. His passion for experimenting with different effects to create new ideas and never heard before sounds is a strong part of his style. One of his key features is his clean and hard hitting drum sound along with a deep, big sounding melodic structure and arrangement.