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Salute to Johnny Quid, the Winner of The CAB Portal's First Beat Battle!!!

Johnny Quid.jpg

Congratulations are in order for the winner of The CAB Portal's first Beat Battle, Johnny Quid. Johnny is a talented producer out of Dayton, OH whose production style is reminiscent of the late great J-Dilla. This Beat Battle was sponsored by Stimulated Media, a PR company founded by Margaret Tra. In the end, it came down to Johnny vs an incredible beat provided by VA producer EJ.IZ.DOPE as the top two contestants remaining and the judges selected Johnny as the victor. Johnny's prize includes $100, exclusive merch, a ticket to the new Avengers: Infinity War movie and an interview on this site.

Check out the winning instrumental below, as well as the song ("Bliss" by Pete La Roca) that Johnny and the other producers had to sample to create their beat. If you are an artist and in the market for new beats or just like listening to dope music, definitely connect with Johhny on Facebook and on Soundcloud

Original Song