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5 Tips For How to Get a Music Blogger’s Attention

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So you’ve made your music and now you’re ready to release it into the world. Scary right? The hard part is done, but the even more difficult task is yet to come. I see so often great music being lost into editor’s blogs because of the way that they approach them. Some artists’ simply just add a link, no hello, no how are you, no bio, nothing. Building a relationship and having a press kit are just a few things that will ensure that your music will at least be listened to. Having seen so many submissions over my years, I thought I’d share some key points on what you should be doing as an artist to get into blogs. 

1. Build a relationship

Editors receive emails every single day, depending on how big the media is it could be up to hundreds a day that they have to go through. To ensure that your submission can be considered you will need to build a relationship with them. At least add one question to the email that you intend to send them, ask them how they are and do a little research on the editor. If they just attended a music festival, ask how it was, or perhaps ask them about their favourite food. It’s random, but it will get their attention and probably make them laugh a little. Be genuine, but remember to never be fake and over-do it. They don’t want someone to kiss their butt. 

2. Make sure you have everything in the email

When sending your music, make sure that you have covered all bases. Remember the more information you give them, the more likely they will post your music. So ensure that you have cover art, press photos, links to your socials & music and a press release. The press release will be information about your single. It can include your bio, what the song is about and a nice quote would work well. The less work that they have to do, the easier it is for them to post your music up. 

3. Do your research

Make sure that the blog that you contact posts the music that you play. So many times artists’ put emails on blast and send me country music, when my blog covers urban music. It makes you look silly and it also shows the editor you don’t actually read the blog. Seems simple, but most artists’ get this wrong still. 

4. Share the post once it’s live

It’s a give and take with blogs. When they post your music up, it’s good for you and for them if you share the post. It creates more exposure for them and also for you. It also ensures that the media will post your music up again because they know that you are happy and pleased with the coverage. I guarantee that when you share the coverage, they will want to support you over and over again. 

5. Be and act professional

Let’s admit it, the music world can sometimes loose its integrity when it comes to professionalism. But even though it’s a different game, make sure you stay professional. You emails should be nice and clean, proper grammar and of course with some etiquette. These bloggers are professionals in the realm now, so you need to treat them with the same respect as you would anyone. 


Margaret Tra is a Writer, Publicist, and the Director of Stimulate Your Soul. You can connect with her here: Website | Twitter | Facebook