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7 Tips For How to Not Self-Sabotage Your Aspirations as a Rapper or Singer

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Christie Brinkley said, “I love musicians. I think artists are the most amazing people because they're constantly creating beauty for the world. With all the crazy stuff going on in the world, then there's artists reminding us of our humanity and reminding us of our heart and soul and what really matters.”  

If you are a musician, your number one goal should be to make music that matters. You should not be in the music industry for fame, women or money because the truth is, those things may never come.

The only way you have a chance of succeeding in the music industry, long term, is by being a great musician and that is how you keep it classy and not trashy.


The Beatles' opening track on their debut album, "I Saw Her Standing There," begins with the line, "She was just 17 / You know what I mean?" "Thank Heaven for Little Girls". Even though the Beatles music and a lot of music idealizes the sexual potential of teenage girls, you really should keep it in your pants unless you want allegations involving underage girls to pile up against you.


Being a Britney Spear’s fan has its trials and tribulations.  She started out as the Queen of Teen and somewhere along the way she ended up in rehab, having nervous breakdowns, flipping off her audiences at shows, and shaving her head bald.

In 2004, she married her childhood friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas, only to have the marriage annulled 55 hours later. That same year, she also wed her backup dancer, Kevin Federline, who she has two sons with, and divorced him in 2007. The failed marriages even caused her to lose control of her money.

In many ways Britney Spears is an example of one of the world’s most famous people crashing and burning. If your star catches on fire quickly, you cannot burnout quickly.


Lindsay Lohan taught us the definition of Drama Queen.  She somehow released two studio albums, five singles, and six music videos that never needed to exist or be heard by a single soul.

Lindsay was one of those famous actresses singing and but was not a real musician. In spite of having massive success and money, Lindsay could never make sobriety stick and even flashed her ass at the Kid’s Choice Awards in 2006. 

She also might hold the record for most celebrity run-ins with the law. From 2007-2012 alone, the Freaky Friday actress appeared in court a jaw-dropping 20 times for DUIs, grand theft and violating her probation.


Ashlee Simpson is Jessica Simpson’s less hotter and talented sister. If her older sister wasn’t already a blond bomb shell shaking her ass in the music world, we probably would of never heard of her.  Because of nepotism and association, Ashley got her big break to become a raising pop start just to blow it.

In 2004, Ashlee was invited to perform her first song, "Pieces of Me" on Saturday Night Live. When it came time for her second song, vocals for "Pieces of Me" began playing, again. The audience realized she was lip singing and Ashlee kind of panicked and broke out into an awkward hoedown. Being able to sing your vocals live is definitely the sign or a real musician and lip singers don’t need to be on stage.


In 2009, Chris Brown was arrested for beating the crap out of his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. Chris Brown went into a rage because Rihanna was going to a party. Guys, no matter how famous you are, women are not your property and if you end up being a woman beater, that will be your legacy and not your music.

Don’t end up like Chris Brown. People still love Rihanna, Chris Brown not so much.  It was an ugly scene and everyone will always remember him as one of the most famous wife-beaters of all time.


The truth is, being a musician has a lot of pressure.  People are going to criticize your music and you.  A lot of people might try to weasel into your circle because they think it will make them look cool or make them money, but they aren’t really your friends.

Usually, being a musician comes with sinful temptations. There will be sex, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, women and teen queens, but you should be moderate and smart in your choices. It might not be the best idea to get drunk before a show, or even beat the shit out of the guy who throws a beer at you. Don’t let your haters provoke you and don’t let your fans tempt you.

Keep your act together!

"If people are cool, then they are not stressed. I pity the fool that don't be cool." - Mr. T