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DCWS Q&A SERIES is Now Live With Exclusive Interviews Featuring STREETRUNNER, AdELA, Sonny Bamboo, and Siergio

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Dopecausewesaid x The CAB Portal recently connected with producer STREETRUNNER, and artists AdELA, Siergio and Sonny Bamboo at Third Eye Collective in Atlanta for four epic on-air interviews, conducted by our own Simon Boamah, and filmed/edited by Quinton Thomas.

The topics addressed during the four interviews included their creative processes, staying fresh and relevant, the impact and importance of social media, their latest and upcoming releases and much more.

Check out the video interviews with AdELA, STREETRUNNER, Siergio and Sonny Bamboo below, as well as some on the scene photos. If you like what you see in the videos, be sure to follow Dopecausewesaid on YouTube, Like and Share!

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