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Design Wizard Review

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Flyers, song and album covers, business cards and social media posts are all things that are critical to your branding as an artist or producer. Unless you have a professional relationship with a good graphic designer, it can get either very expensive, or very time consuming. Also, a lot of us don’t have room in our budget to go and purchase an expensive program.  Design Wizard offers a more simple and less expensive solution to our graphic design woes. But how does it stack up against it’s competitors like Canva and Snappa? 

Design Wizard is a website that served as an in browser graphic design tool. The site gives users the options to create designs for flyers, logos, business cards and other purposes. Design Wizard also offers both premium and free images and templates, as well as the ability to upload your own images.

The best thing about Design Wizard is that you don’t have to be a computer wizard (apologies for the pun) to make a complete design. The interface is simple and fast enough so that even those who have never done any graphic design will be able to finish their project with ease. 

Being a browser based tool, Design Wizard's only flaw is the lack of powerful editing features found in other programs. While this shortcoming would be an issue for someone who regularly uses Photoshop, the site offers more than enough for those looking to make a quick and professional design without the hassle of Photoshop’s learning curve. The simple interface and cheap pricing of the site also does a great deal to make up for the lack of features as well. 

Design Wizard offers the basic essentials needed to create a good design for your music brand. While it is not as powerful as other desktop programs and apps, the site’s ease of access, simple format and availability not only make it a viable alternative, but also one of the better options for online design! With a free option and the most expensive plan only being $16 per month, Design Wizard proves to be a great, inexpensive alternative to the more expensive and complicated graphic design programs out there. 

SCORE: 8 out of 10