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Dopecausewesaid x Stimulate Your Soul Team Up To Release An E-Book Targeted to Assist Emerging Artists

Founders of music blogs Stimulate Your Soul - Margaret Tra (Australia) and Dopecausewesaid - Carlton Boyd (US) have teamed up to release an e-book targeted at assisting emerging artists on how to succeed in the music industry.

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Just as the title suggests, "My Music Is Dope, But Now What!?! The Strategies for Success in the Music Industry Mixtape" is an e-book that first started as an email chain of admiration from one music lover to another. After sharing their experiences, failures and successes in the music industry, Margaret and Carlton decided that they should put down their thoughts in a manuscript to assist the artists who submit music to their sites every day.

With over 7 years in the music industry, Margaret Tra first started blogging with her site which is based in Australia called Stimulate Your Soul (SYS). Over the years, she has established Stimulated Media where she works on publicity campaigns for artists, both locally and abroad. She continues to represent artists and share their music on the platform SYS along with SYS TV which airs on Pharcyde TV and SYS Radio, which has hit Mixcloud charts consistently.

On the e-book, Margaret says, “I entered the music industry by accident, I was just a lover of music and I just wanted to spread artists’ music worldwide on a small platform. Over the years’ I have been privileged to work with independent artists’ to world-known artists’ and from that I have taken-away a lot. I’ve given away all my secrets, in a bid to help emerging artists’ get an idea of how to get their music out there easier.

Carlton has been active in the music industry for over 10 years with prior experience as a producer and artist manager for several independent rap artists. He is the co-founder of BeGreat Media Group, the parent company of music blog and lifestyle brand Dopecausewesaid, the artist/producer development platform The CAB Portal, and the DCWS Podcast Network.

In speaking about the e-book, Carlton states that, "Our goal is to provide essential information to help emerging artists to be successful on their own terms. No two artists' journeys to success in the music industry are the same, but it all starts with dope music. After that, there are tricks of the trade that are applicable across music genres, and Margaret and I are eager to share what we know works and what to avoid."

"My Music is Dope, But Now What!?! The Strategies for Success in the Music Industry Mixtape" is available now.


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