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Interview: B. Terrell and Sierra Shanette From District of PR

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We connected with the owners of the Atlanta based PR agency District of PR, Sierra Shanette and B. Terrell, for an exclusive interview to discuss their brand, what they look for in the artists they provide services to and what makes their client RnB/Soul singer-songwriter Siergio such a special artist. 

After reading our Q&A with Sierra and B. Terrell, be sure to follow them on social media and stream/download Siergio's latest release "This Will Hurt" on Spotify. 

What is District of PR (DPR) and what motivated you to create the brand? 

DPR is a team of influencers who provide full service to brands and talent. We help strategize, create, publish and distribute content for our clients. The company was created after meeting with a mutual client and finally exchanging numbers and having a sit down. We decided it was better to merge our ideas and contacts to truly elevate both of our visions and to be innovative for our legacy in this business. 

Why is Atlanta such a vibrant city when it comes to music, especially urban music (ie Rnb/Soul and Hip)? 

B. Terrell: So much excellence has come from Atlanta. It's such a melting pot for art. There's no judgment and people are enabled to be their true selves. 

Sierra Shanette: I'm from New Orleans, so I definitely have an ear for amazing music. Atlanta artists have without a doubt made an indelible mark on the music scene. From the Dungeon Family to the Migos, the city's influence is undeniable. Atlanta is such a vibrant city for all art because the city, like New Orleans, is a cornucopia for creativity.     

What are the most important things that you look for in artists that you represent? 

B. Terrell: in looking for an artist and as clich√© as it may sound, originality is key. For me, confidence is also a big part. You have to be sure that your art is what the consumer wants and also what they need. 

Sierra Shanette: I gauge a creative by how memorable they are. Will your song cross my mind as I randomly sing around my apartment or do I envision my circle of friends in the fictitious world your characters live in? Prior clients of mine gave me those feels, so when the opportunity to represent crooner Siergio came along it was an easy 'yes' for me.  

What makes Siergio such a special artist? 

B. Terrell: Siergio has the total makings of a star. He believes in being himself in all avenues. He's aware of who he is as an artist, and doesn't believe in taking shortcuts. I've never met anyone that exhausts so much of self as Siergio does. He believes in giving beyond 100%, and because of that -- it's translated into the successes he's had thus far. 


Sierra Shanette: Siergio is truly a gem. His vocal ability is uncanny, his writing skills are undeniable and he's truly a pleasure to work with. Following the success of his chart topping sophomore album, 'This Will Hurt', someone dubbed him "an Indie Legend". He's an artist with a clear vision for the trajectory of his career who knows the beauty in building the proper team.  

In your opinion, when is an artist ready to seek the services of a PR agency? 

B. Terrell: All artists are different, but typically those artists that have the demand along with the fan support. That moment they realize that it's time to allow someone to assist in the next step of aiding their career in moving forward.  Having a substantial body of work is also a good first step. 
What's next for District of PR? 

B. Terrell: We're currently continuing to grow the brand along with some future endeavors in regards to tours and endorsements. We believe in pushing the envelope and delivering clear and authentic art and content. 

What do you enjoy most about your role at District of PR?


Sierra Shanette: Yea, the entire process is a great journey. I've fully enjoyed our inaugural year with DPR. The best aspects of representing Siergio have been witnessing the makings of his latest album and sitting in on a couple of his studio sessions. Also, casting the ladies in his 'This Will Hurt' visuals is always a great moment, from the beautiful Brooke Montalvo to the 'temptresses' in Temporary.

How can artists who are looking for PR support get in touch with DPR? 

Sierra Shanette: Follow DPR on Instagram & Twitter: @DistrictofPR
B. Terrell: @itsbterrell on IG & Twitter

Stream/Download Siergio's "This Will Hurt" album on Spotify