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Interview: Jay Spice

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Jay Spice is a rap artist and college student based in Athens, GA who recently dropped a very dope video for his single "Zoned In", which appears on his EP "Grandma's Boy". We connected with Jay for an exclusive interview to discuss the new video, find out how he juggles his academics and musical aspirations, and much more.

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Tell us about how you've been able to create your own lane musically while so close to a city known pretty much solely now for Trap music.

I really think living around such a trap heavy city without actually living in it has allowed me to like be myself. I have like two completely sides to myself with music now. The Atlanta in me is playing Young Nudy whereas the Acworth in me just chilling to some Ravyn Lenae. Try and mix those two influences and I think I'm somewhere in the middle.

Congratulations on the release of your EP "Grandma's Boy" and your latest single and visual "Zoned In". Why did you choose to make a video for this song?

When I first created "Zoned In" the first thing my brother told me was that I needed to make sure that I had a video for that song. He loved the song first time he heard it and saw the potential that it had to reach the masses, because it's like a really catchy song. I then wrote the script to the video. It was all really easy for me because all I had to do was translate some of my real life emotions into a music video.

How do you juggle your musical aspirations and your classes at the University of Georgia?

It's actually super hard, but not as hard as it used to be. UGA is a tough ass school the way it is, and on top of that I'm a science major so those classes really take up so much of my time. I had to start cutting a lot of time out from my social life to make time for creating and performing. I was terrible at finding that balance when I was a first-year, but now I think the two actually feed off each other. Performing well in the classroom keeps all my cognitive skills sharp and it directly translates to my music.

What are your musical goals for the remainder of 2018?

I want to put out maybe one EP and some more visuals for sure. But also I just started some Music Production classes so I'm trying to master the art of sonic engineering this year so I can hopefully push some projects to forefront of 2019 releases.

Compared to your first project in 2016 (BLOOM), how would you say that your music brand and identity has progressed up to now with the "Grandma's Boy" EP release?

Back in 2016 I don't think I really had an identity - I was just a raw prospect with a lot of potential. By the release of my album "Grandma's Boy" I had begun to master myself. So now my brand is really just a reflection of my higher self. I want to spread the importance of self-confidence and self-discipline of the mind. 

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