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Interview: Moscow Based Dance Pop Producer and Artist Grego Las

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We connected with Moscow based dance pop producer and artist Grego Las for an exclusive interview to discuss his new single “Say You Do”, his creative process for developing new music, his biggest accomplishment in 2018 and more.

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Congratulations on the release of your new single “Say You Do”. Tell us what initially motivated you to create the song.

I guess it all comes from the past, when I had a bad experience of loving a girl, while she didn't. No regrets! Besides that, it's just the need for everyone to hear these magic words, when someone does love you. It's where the inspiration came from.

Describe for your creative process when it comes to developing new songs. Also, what music hardware and software do you use?

The process usually starts for me as an melody playing in my head (yes i'm crazy!!)). Sometimes it starts from topline melody or just from chord progression, like "Say You Do" did. I'm working in Cubase, on the PC platform. My sound card is RME Fireface UC and I'm totally satisfied with it. Few months ago I've bought a new pair of speakers - HEDD Type 07 and I must say they sound amazing to me.

What’s the music scene like in Moscow for the genre of music you create? Are locals very supportive of dance pop songs by Russian producers and artists?

The music scene in Moscow is young, but very promising. There are some artists who made their music go worldwide and that makes you feel that you can do it also; it’s such a great feeling! I'm talking about Filatov&Karas, Kiida and others.

I don't think locals are very supportive to the local artists; it feels like the most important thing is the quality of your music, and not the living in one city and one country. I mean Russian people will not support you only because you are Russian as well. You need to give them good music in the first place. And I see nothing bad with that.

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What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment musically thus far in 2018?

My biggest accomplishment is definitely my first official release "Say You Do". It took me a lot of years (I'm 33 now) before people from all over the world can listen to my music that i'm not ashamed of.

If you weren’t a music producer, what would you be doing now?

I would say in that case I'd like to be in the film industry and shooting the good movies; or another option for me is something to do with fashion. I really like good clothes, so I would be happy to own a small showroom.

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