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Interview: Munich Based Producer Capital P.

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Major shout out to Capital P., a very talented producer out of Munich, Germany, who connected with us for an exclusive interview to discuss his new remix to “Bout You” by Xuitcasecity, how he got started as a producer and much more.

After reading our Q&A with Capital P., be sure to follow him on his social media and if you’re an artist, definitely check out his Beat Store so he can lace you with a DOPE instrumental for your next song!

Salute to you for taking Xuitcasecity's song "Bout You" to another level. What motivated you to remix that?

First off shout out to Xuitcasecity for making dope music.

Honestly I don’t really know. I heard the track one night and it just inspired me. The vocals, songwriting and the harmonies just really got me.

How did you get started as a producer? Was there someone in Germany or internationally that inspired your creativity?

At the beginning not at all because I wasn’t familiar with the scene except for big names like Timbaland or Pharrell. So just RnB, Hip Hop and Soul music that I liked was my inspiration. Whenever I was listening to music I always had more interest in the instrumental part of a song and wondered how it was made. As I continued to grow as a producer that definitely shifted over time.

So in 2014 I started to go to college and it wasn’t for me at all. I just sat down in my parents basement one night, downloaded some simple free software and started to make a beat. And it immediately grabbed me and from there on I tried to make it a daily thing while still being in college.

Not to give away your secrets but what music software/hardware do you use to produce your instrumentals?

I work with Ableton 10 because it is the most versatile DAW in my opinion. For instruments I mostly use plugins such as Omnisphere 2, UVI libraries, U-HE plug ins, AAS, Output’s stuff, Serum and some more. And I always try to find vocals and chop them up. These are the basics after that it’s mostly a lot of altering the sound with effects into what I want or what sounds good. For sound design and mixing I like to use plugins from Soundtoys, Cakewalk, Ableton stock effects, Plugin Alliance, Softube, Fabfilter, etc.

If you could create a beat for any artist, regardless of genre, and they record it, who would you select?

I would love to work with 6LACK. His music just resonates crazy with me. His vocal tone and range, songwriting and laid back vibe is just something else. There’s a lot of great artists I’d love to work with but that would be my pick.

What are your goals musically for the remainder of 2018?

Just keeping on making music, getting better and always trying to collaborate with artists.

Then there’s TLLDWN (Till Dawn) which Heartbeatz and myself formed this April and we continue to drop music because it’s going crazy.

Also taking trips to Berlin trying to work with German artists and make a move in the German music scene.

And focusing more on playing guitar.

Would you say that there is a "Capital P." production sound that you are known for?

For everybody that listens probably but for me it’s hard to say. I just like to do what sounds and feels good to me. I don’t want to put myself in a box but I generally like to have my sound really harmonic, ambient and melodic. Whether it’s mostly deep or if it’s good vibes.

I like to make big arrangements with changes within and use a lot of instrumentation and vocals. Or it can be simple with a good melody. It just has to be music that you can vibe to.

What do you look for in the artists that you collaborate with?

Of course both sides gotta bring talent or something else that the other can learn from to the table but being genuine, humble, cool and hard working is the most for me. Its pretty simple.

Connect with Capital P.: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Beat Store

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