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Interview: Alaric Vealan

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Check out our exclusive interview with producer Alaric Vealan as he discusses his creative process when it comes to beat development, what he looks for in the artists he works with, the software he uses and much more.

After reading our Q&A with Alaric, connect with him on social media, especially if you're in the market for new beats!

What equipment and/or software do you use to create your beats?

As of right now I create from my laptop; its a custom Thinkpad with FL 12 on there. That's what I use to produce my beats. My go to as of late is Omnisphere; I love that vst,. I still use Nexus and Kontakt plugins. Native instruments programs. 

Describe your creative process when it comes to beat development.

It really depends on my mood, I don't think I've ever started a beat with drums first lol I need to start doing that... but I play around with sounds and try different chords. If I get stuck, I'll try to find something to sample just to get going. 

What do you look for in the artists that you decide to collaborate with on songs?

Originality. With my production I can be a little complex sometimes, I try to bring the most out of my artists, bring them out of their comfort zone musically. I feel like our best work comes out that way

Do you ever turn rappers away when they ask for a beat?

I wouldn't say turn them away; I give all artist who are serious a chance. If you want to work with me, we can figure things out and get business done.

With popular trends in Hip-Hop changing so quickly now days, how do you keep your sound fresh and relevant?

I always stay in tune with whats hot at the moment. I have a pretty good ear when it comes to sounds.  Also it never hurts to watch a few tutorials every now and again. 

If you could make a beat for any rapper dead or alive and they record a song over it, who would you choose?

Dead, I'd have to say 2pac.  Alive... Vado. 

What's next for you musically for the rest of 2018?  

More beats being made for sure, more collabs with other producers. I have a project out in the streets I'm promoting myself called "B.L.A.H." you can catch me at a state fair/ most huge music events and support. 

Also I have lots of work with Chanel Blueprint, a Miami based vlogger on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe to her channel, she posts great videos using production by me. Check out our most recent work below.

Connect with Alaric Vealan: Instagram | Twitter

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