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Interview: Paris Love-Child

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Major thanks are in order for Paris Love-Child who connected with us for an exclusive interview to discuss her new single and video "Brass Band Bitches", as well as her thoughts about the rap music scene in London, and much more. 

After reading our Q&A with this talented artist, model, and DJ, be sure to stream "Brass Band Bitches" on Spotify and follow Paris Love-Child on her social media. 

Tell us about what initially led you to music as an artist? Were you a DJ and model first?

Initially I played the piano and was into classical music growing up. There's always music in my life and I was in the arts. I sang my first show at 6 years old, on All Saints road. Granny could hear me singing from the house, kitchen specifically. She was so proud! That made me happy. I went to a theatre school and then did extra curricular activities all revolving around music and performance. Lessons singing, piano, flute and dance. I had always been an artistic child. As I grew, I was in a few bands, Heavy metal, punk and rock. As I got older and discovered house music and the the the party scene and I knew that’s what i wanted to do. I have synesthesia, so I see sounds and colours; it really comes to me naturally. 

As for modelling I am an independent model. I've always modeled because everyone said that I look like a model or that I should be so I kind of felt pressured to be a model and to not be that one wondering why I'm not modelling so I kind of did that just to keep everyone quiet and make myself feel like I was doing what I was meant to be doing because I had the look bad I obviously didn’t.

From the creation of your first ever song, to where you are now as an artist, what would you say that you are most proud of?

I would have to say my biggest success is my music video "Brass Band Bitches". I physically produced it on a budget. I can't tell you how much that's classified information; the producer would kill me but it was a very good rate and just did it with me and a bunch of friends really and I organize everything on my own. I had a lot of people promise to help and drop out and you know that you get to really see who is there for you in the dark situations, but it's better that way because you get to do it all on your own and you feel even better for it afterwards, so yeah I would have to say it's "Brass Band Bitches".

How did the “Brass Band Bitches” song and visual come about? Also, who produced the song itself and who directed the video? 

The "Brass Band bitches" concept came from spontaneity, and it came from needing to actually produce something needing to have something out there I could say that this is me and this is what I'm capable of doing, so the concept just came on a whim to be honest with you. It was all very last-minute, all in two days work.

One day planning and a lot of fun and drama, stress but beauty I would say that the fashion and the styling and the colouring of the actual video itself is based on Belly. I don't know if anyone in this era is familiar with the movie Belly, just super super sexy, hip hop, back in the day when hip hop was still cool and classy and I just thought I would bring back that style back. It was gangsta but classy with added element of high fashion. I feel I captured that as well as I could, with the budget and time we had. I do hope that translates. The session producer with Jools London. Amazing competent producer and engineer based in Kings Road, Chelsea, London. Oliver Oliver Morris directed the video, my dear friend and extremely talented friend.

What comes next after “Brass Band Bitches”? Will it be a part of an upcoming mixtape or EP?

Well to be honest I have quite a lot on the arising. I have an EP, an album and a mixtape.

If you could pick any artist, dead or alive, to collaborate with on a track, who would you select?

Michael Jackson

What are your thoughts about the current rap scene in the UK, specifically London, where you are from?

To be honest, I'm super proud of London and Britain's rap scene. You know we've taken over and we've claimed our English style and our British voice. D’you remember before, we were taking on more of the American style, but you can see how the tables have turned. Now people like Drake are even copying our lyrical delivery and taking influence from our UK rappers, BIG. Everything is just amazing at the minute; its so cultivating and I'm so proud to be a part of it.

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