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Interview: Andy Gesner, The Founder Of HIP Video Promo

HIP Video Promo

Andy Gesner is the founder of HIP Video Promo, which since 2000 has been the premier full service music video promotion company promoting over 2600 music videos from both emerging and mainstream artists. We connected with Andy to find out what motivated him to develop HIP Video Promo, his recommendations for artists aiming to shoot a video with no budget, why artists should utilize his company's services and much more.  

Tell us about HIP Video Promo. What services do you provide for artists? 

We're a full service music video promotion company. For over 16 years we've been securing our clients' music videos exposure in front of eyeballs all across the world. This includes national programming (mtvU, BET, Revolt, Much Choice), retail pools (getting your music video seen in retail stores, fitness centers, nightlife locations), video on-demand outlets and numerous regional/multi-market music video shows across the country. Additionally we provide highly effective social media promotion (helping grow our client's Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud accounts), as well as YouTube promotion and online PR campaigns. We cover it all!

What motivated you to create HIP Video Promo back in 2000, which is while MTV actually still played music videos and 5 years before the advent of YouTube? 
I knew that it was only going do be a matter of time before the world would be able to view visual content on the computer, so thankfully we got in when the "getting was good". At the time it was all about terrestrial television and though music videos were not the strong, potent piece of marketing currency they are now, they still had significant impact. It was a true scenario of "being in the right place at the right time" and taking advantage of a profound opportunity!

What do you and your staff look for in the videos that are submitted to you by your clients for promotion? Would you say that some are harder sells to promote than others? 

Generally we're looking for a fresh and exciting, outside-the-box music video content. The better the video, the easier our job is. Undoubtedly. Sure, some are easier to promote than others but we never back down from a challenge! We've seen music videos of all sorts embraced by programmers around the world. You never really know!

What are some recommendations that you have for artists who want to shoot a music video but have little to no budget?

Be creative! The best videos don't have to be a big budget extravaganza! Find a videographer that shares your vision and work from there. Remember, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression", so take the care and time necessary to create a visual that's memorable and leaves a lasting impression. Strong, passionate marketing can never make up for shoddy product.

How important are music videos in this day and age with social media and short attention spans?  
Hugely important. They truly work hand and hand. If you have a strong social media presence and an engaged fanbase, sky's the limit. But no worries if you haven't reached that point yet because we can definitely help if you're lacking this. We love to help our clients grow their accounts into something they never imagined possible. It's amazing to witness. 

Why should artists seeking to take their musical aspirations to the next level seek out the services of HIP Video Promo ASAP? 

I’m blessed to have the best staff in the business. The entire crew of hard working, passionate individuals I work with are all musicians themselves, so they’ve lived the indie struggle first hand and know how much time, thought and hard work goes into creating a buzz. At HIP Video Promo we are all about complete and total saturation of your video wherever it could potentially connect with new eyeballs. By combining terrestrial TV, Internet and blog buzz, retail and nightlife location exposure and social media marketing, it’s the complete promotional package. Just know that in our world, it all starts with a potential client giving us a phone call. In fact, we encourage you to give us a phone call since being a bit older and somewhat “old school”, I prefer to speak directly with people on the phone or Skype. It’s important that a new client feel a real, solid basis of relatedness with the company they’re considering to hire to help them. Of course it’s the video, too. After all, it’s the video that does the talking. So if anyone reading this has a video, is making a video and contemplating making one, give me a call at 732-613-1779 or email me at and we can go from there!

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