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Kanye West - A Mad Marketing Genius

Kanye West - A Mad Marketing Genius.jpg

By this point Twitter has become infamous, not just because of controversial remarks by sitting presidents but by super mega pop stars. Kanye West is one of them and he definitely doesn't shy from the larger-than-life personality he's been trying to convey ever since his Dropout days.

Besides Kanye's public approval of Trump, West has been tweeting polarizing, attention-grabbing, and flat out wild tweets for these past few months leading up to his eighth studio album "ye", including:

  • Assuming slavery was a choice, proclaiming Bill Cosby's innocent, and slipping figurative tables by posting his MAGA hat to his 28 million followers.
  • Alongside positive moments like patching bad blood with G.O.O.D alumni Kid Cudi and accepting the death of his mother and forgiveness for the doctor that performed her cosmetic surgery that ultimately dealt with unfortunate complications resulting in her passing.
  • Accompanied with a unusual single "Ye vs the World" featuring TI and the extremely questionable scooped da poop track "Lift Yourself".

This series of events has made a lot of people cry out the general universally exclaimed "He's gone crazy!" (Again). Whether Kanye's unhinged antics were premeditated or an aftermath of manic side effects, his actions most definitely caused a stir with news outlets confirming and bringing national exposure beside his tens of millions of followers.

Donald Glover, under the pseudonym Childish Gambino having a peaking music profile, joked about when he hosted Saturday Night Live in early May spoofing the recently acclaimed horror flick "The Quiet Ones" where a group of wanderers being followed by a monster in the shadows, have trouble keeping quiet because Glover can't stop telling the party about Kanye's tweets.

It's no secret that a self centered power struggle has always been inside West's demeanor. Remember Kanye comparing himself to Jesus as well as posing as him crucified on Rolling Stone Magazine? Or Kanye accusing George Bush for not caring about black people at a live telethon next to a flabbergasted Mike Myers? Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the Grammys in 2009? And Kanye's attempted interruption on Beck's AOTY win in 2015 as a self issued music vigilante?

West's unpredictable behavior has never taken him out of the spotlight. So whether it's fashion, music, or modern art, undoubtedly under Kanye's wing, his self titled brand, is not necessary a seal of satisfaction but in actuality, it is a seal of authenticity. The good, the bad, the great, and the ugly.