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Music Placement Over Popularity

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Several of your favorite tracks have been live for two years now and still haven't gone viral despite stellar quality and aggressive marketing efforts. The songs may sound like hits, but just may not be the current sound that the masses are demanding to hear on the radio, and for a number of reasons that may make them PERFECT for film or TV.

A) It sounds dated - Harsh I know, but if your song reminds listener's of a specific era it may not catch. Even cover songs have to have a new age twist to gain some traction. The GOOD news is, movies and TV shows are often era specific. What might be getting a thumbs down on Submithub, could be getting thumbs up and scored in the next blockbuster about the 70s, 80s, 90s etc!

Before I go on, a quick fun fact. The World Box Office topped a record $40 Billion In 2017 while RIAA 2017 Year-End Music Industry Revenue reported revenues from recorded music in the US at an estimated retail value of $8.7 billion. Now I know these are 2017 numbers, but it can't be ignored that the film industry was making almost triple what the music industry was. Something to keep in mind when TV and film uses a lot of music that isn't even on the radio.

B) It's too happy/depressing/insert - Mood - Your tracks are moody and dark so they're not making the cut for the Summerfest you've just submitted to perform at. No worries, Songtradr is always announcing a film in production searching for moody heartbreak love songs and that's right up your alley!

C) It's ALWAYS about winning - So what if you toot your own horn A LOT....On every track....In every verse. OK that usually makes the radio but if not, it still may be a GREAT inspiration track for the next release of Madden, NBA2kForever, and a lot of other EA projects. It could even get curated to play during NBA Games! In a fall 2016 Billboard article EA's Music Chief was quoted saying "If you’re one of 40 or 50 bands that get into FIFA or Madden, the amount of people that listen to you is incredible."

Don't get me wrong, your track still has to be well put together professionally. The song sound, and delivery must be broadcast ready and meet industry standards. With all of the professional components taken care of, if you're getting feedback that your track is TOO specific to fare well on the radio or simply out of touch with what is popular, fear not and seek placement!

Here are a few places looking for mood or content specific tracks: