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MusiCoin: Possibly The Next Big Streaming Service for Independent Artists


In a world where having a strong online presence can help artists build their fan base, or ultimately catapult them into mainstream success, artists are constantly looking for new avenues and streaming services to use as a platform for their music. MusiCoin is set up to be the next big platform that pays artists for their music, and with Grammy winning producer Pascal Guyon as an official ambassador, it’s sure to take off soon enough!

MusiCoin will pay artists using blockchain technology, which is the technology behind Bitcoin. The service will offer what is currently the highest streaming rate offered to creators, plus the ability to be tipped by streamers. Also, there will be no intermediaries, so music creators will be able to keep their whole income, effectively taking out the middle man in the process. 

There has certainly been an increase in artists looking to learn more about streaming and how to make a reasonable income from streaming their music online, especially now that more and more independent artists are finding success online without needing a big push from labels. With Bitcoin doing well, a single Bitcoin being worth $1300 as of 2017, using blockchain technology to pay music creators can be a solid way for artists to create income for themselves if they are willing to learn more about how to take full advantage of the currency system. While some may be turned off by the complexities of cryptocurrencies, others may be willing to give it a try, but only time can tell where cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and MusiCoin’s “$MUSIC” cryptocurrency will be in the future. Only time can tell whether the site can be the next big competitor to current streaming services, however, MusiCoin does seem to have the potential to be the next big thing! 

MusiCoin is currently in the beta phase. It is free for musicians and just like Soundcloud, listeners will be able to enjoy music on the streaming service for free. 

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