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Review: Special Guest Talent Booking App

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Now to be fair, I am an Android user and I believe this Special Guest app is more compatible with an iPhone but l still had very little problem signing up. I first saw the ad for the Special Guest app on Instagram where Daman Wayans Jr. is talking to Ellen DeGeneres about its purpose, and this type of app is honestly long overdue.

Damon Wayans Jr. and his partner, Kris Jones, created an app for venues to book talent directly. That’s right; no middle man, sort of. Venues who staff a talent buyer might have the buyer download the app and artists with a manager still may consult, but for the most part, the communication is direct. Why shouldn’t it be?

Indie artists are finding more and more ways to bypass the red tape of getting their name and their music out there from direct uploads to Spotify to direct submissions to bloggers and influencers. It was only a matter of time before someone cashed in on the talent buyers need for easier bookings of such talent.

What I loved about the app:

  • I could sign up using my Facebook or just my email address and a password;

  • Anyone can book me with a personalized link, even if they don’t have the Special Guest app;

  • You can have BOTH a Host and Artist account;

  • You can set your rate and set up your venom account to take payments right in the app;

  • There’s a referral program that earns you a $20 per live account!

  • The Dashboard is very easy to use;

  • All performers welcomed: Musicians, DJs, Comedians, Speakers, Dancers, etc

What confused me about the app:

  • Hip-Hop/Rap/Soul are categorized under Dance in Bands & Ensembles. Had I not complained about not being able to find the category, I may have not ever found it. The staff at Special Guest assured me that my talent genre wasn’t excluded and showed me how to get to it immediately. Although I think Hip Hop and RnB should be in their own category to make it easier to find, I do appreciate how quick tech support responded. Very impressive!

  • If the artist is not in a major city or a listed city, you won’t come across their profile. Since mine was active, I did a specific search for Hip-Hop bands & ensembles in Pennsylvania and got no results; however, set to ALL locations, I was able to find my profile.

In conclusion the app itself is easy to use as far as setting up your account and your preferences whether you’re the artist or host. It has amazing potential for growth because of how it’s going to change the way venues discover and book talent. I’m looking forward to seeing a little more ease of use in the filtering process but other than that? I’m sure it’s going to be a must have very soon.

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