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Soulection’s Sango Makes Beats from Original Jay Dee aka Jay Dilla Sounds in a Special Edition of Rhythm Roulette

Soulection's Sango Makes Beats from Original Jay Dee aka Jay Dilla Sounds in a Special Edition of Rhythm Roulette-min.png

Mass Appeal and Splice have collaborated on a special edition of the popular video series Rhythm Roulette, which challenges producers to make a beat by sampling three random records chosen from a local record store while blindfolded.

In this unique episode, the producer Sango uses samples not only from randomly selected records but also from a kit of original Jay Dee drum sounds. These sounds come from “The Fantastic Sounds of Jay Dee,” a collection cut from the original recordings of Jay Dee aka J Dilla. Splice released the sound pack in November through its sounds subscription platform.

To actually have stuff from [Dilla’s] vault is crazy,” says Sango, who grew up near Detroit and was influenced by Dilla’s music. The majority of the sounds in the pack come from the influential Detroit producer’s work as a member of the hip hop trio Slum Village. Most of the sounds are cut from the group’s albums “Fantastic Volume 1” and “Fantastic Volume 2.”

In the episode Sango, who is best known both for his role in the collective Soulection as well as for his solo releases such as “North” and “In the Comfort Of,” takes the sounds of others and makes something entirely his own. The 10-minute video features the versatile producer crafting two timeless instrumentals from his source material. It comes out on the heels of the release of “Installment 1,” Sango’s first sample pack on Splice.

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