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Leveling Up Your Music Brand

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The 10 Most Important Music Tips That An Artist Will Ever Read

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1. Copyright/Ownership 

Putting your music on all social media platforms is a great idea. Ask yourself, do you own it? Most importantly can you prove that you own it?  Learn copyright laws, especially how they apply to music.

2. Abandon Your Comfort Zone

Take an acting or dance class. Dabble in improv or standup.  Take a photography or marketing class.  You are not “selling out” or damaging your “street cred”. You’re increasing your value in the entertainment market and honing your skills as a performer and a creative. 

3. Learn How to Deal With the Press 

Unless your brand is to beef like the “Migos” at the B.E.T Awards or to give creepy, distant interviews like Lil Uzi Vert at the Grammys then you need to learn how to deal with the Fourth Estate. This gives you a chance to sell yourself, and your story to the fans and industry.  

4. Balance

Sleep is for the weak. If you’re not working consistently for your goal, someone else is.  WE GET IT!  But even Grammy award winning, half grand sneaker slipper designers, who perform on floating stages and who are married to reality show/branding goddesses fall victim to fatigue and mental illness.  Spend time with family and friends. Volunteer. Go on vacation.  Don’t forget those experiences with people and new places inspire the music.  

5. Be Thought Provoking…Not Offensive

Never do we want to stifle an artist’s creative process. There was a time when you could be racist, anti-homosexual, sexist, and engage in cultural appropriation and label it art.  That time has come and gone.  The population will not support your music. Corporations will let you go.  Social media came for Justin Timberlake and Kim Kardashian over corn-rows and braids. They will come for you for much less.  

6. Contest, Challenges, & Covers

Local and national contests give you a chance to hone your performance and raise your profile in front of key people in the industry.  Covers and challenges (example Monica’s So Gone Challenge) are an inexpensive way to showcase your talent and give you a chance to go viral.  

7. Communication/Networking

Likes, streams, followers, and Sound Scans get you the meeting, but deals are done off the strength of relationships.  Restaurants, white parties, golf courses, sporting events, the RocNation Brunch; learn how to navigate these situations.  People will not give you their money and most importantly their time unless they know you care. 

8. Health

Exercise. Eat right. Performing is a cardiovascular event.  Touring is hard. Fast paced travel, irregular sleep patterns, not so desirable living conditions, and every strain of germ imaginable. Nobody pays Ticketmaster with the hopes of getting their show canceled. Also, nobody wants to see you fall out like Wendy Williams during your encore.  You can’t do it if you’re dead and you can’t do it well if you’re sick. 

9. Janky Promoters/Managers 

Before you put your “John Hancock” on anything, verify and reference.  Jerry Heller of N.W.A fame.  The Backstreet Boys’ Lou Pearlman.  The ongoing problems that Kesha is having with Dr. Luke.  There are eight millions stories in the city and a large percentage of them are how somebody got jerked and taken advantage of.

10. Take a Calculated Risk

Take a risk. Handle your business a little bit differently.  What’s the worst that could happen? Scared money don’t make no money. A loss is just learn with the right attitude.  Who knows? You might just wake up with seven million dollars’ worth of Bitcoin like Curtis Jackson.