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Leveling Up Your Music Brand

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The Best Ways For Indie Artists to Network and Grow Their Music Brand

The Best Ways For Indie Artists to Network and Grow Their Music Brand.jpeg

It’s hard to know how to navigate networking as an indie artist in order to grow your music brand, without spending a ton of valuable funds or coming off as corny.

Attend free networking events as much as possible and buy tickets to the important opportunities that aren’t. There are also free local music industry meet up groups in many cities were you can meet other musicians. It can prove useful if you’re looking for band members, a replacement, a producer, label owner or any other infinite options.

SXSW is an obvious industry giant that offers a multitude of networking possibilities, as well as Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France. Start local before you try these bigger venues. If even that scares you off as a starting point, sites like can help you get started.

Play live as often as you can instead of hiding in your studio. This lets you show how great your sound is in the flesh, and in an invaluable way to connect with fans, or potential ones! Digital might be trending, but it only goes so far. Some things are worth keeping old fashioned. Maybe an industry big wig will be in the crowd - you never know!

Hire a social media person or utilize a social media savvy friend. Mailing lists and websites are nice, but monitoring engagement across platforms like Instagram and Twitter is vital, along with keeping all of your handles consistent to avoid confusion.

DIY PR is also a possibility. Formulate a professional and well worded press release to bloggers and journalists. Approach method is everything here, but you still need to weave in the essentials.

Utilize a loyalty club to get your message out there instead of paying for ad space. By having friends, fans and family distribute information, content will be prioritized up to 500% more than a public page would. Think of them as your audio street team - every Gaga needs to access their Little Monsters in the right way.

Try to get playlisted and discovered by a curator from Spotify, Apple Music, Discovery Weekly or any other range of smaller, indie options. If you know of any, reach out to them professionally the same way that you would a blogger. This reaches a global fan base by the hundreds of millions.

Don’t be “on” all the time. This makes you someone that other industry members will want to avoid, and frankly can be exhausting, depicting people as social climbers, users or being overly desperate. Making genuine friends is an authentic and equally successful way to network. Don’t be a tool - be yourself!

Ultimately, learn to make yourself comfortable within the uncomfortable. Immerse yourself in situations with strangers, lean how to combat social awkwardness and have a lethal arsenal of smooth icebreakers, both online and in person.