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The Musical Stages of Childish Gambino

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Having only three major releases and a chart topping single in 2018, let's see how much has changed for the great Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino since he first emerged on the music scene in 2011 with his debut album "Camp".


"Camp" (2011) - An Ambitious Firestarter.

It has only been seven short years since a bold and hungry Gambino dropped his debut full-length "Camp".

With that being said, the terms “Childish” and “Campy” are mighty fine definitions of his immature although clever humor and personality, but with age, the mix of undeniable talent alongside Nickelodeon references are clumped on entertaining but sometimes subpar tracklisting even though a handful of highlighted tracks do pop out of the records run-through. LIke the swinging synth bass in the ear warming “Heartbeats” and the bombastic deep horn banger “You See Me”, "Camp" is a interesting attempt to show realistic examples of who Donald Glover was in his mid-twenties. A younger man whose cashing in his new hard earn success in life.


"Because The Internet" (2013) - An artistic mess of pure creative expression

Three years later the elementary aspect that spotted the majority of "Camp" seemed to pretty much hit puberty and dematerialize on 2013’s "Because the Internet". 

The story driven record may have had some critics see it as a mostly enjoyable mess, nevertheless the sophomore effort had proven evidence that even though Gambino bit more than needed in hindsight (having the nineteen tracks accompanied with a lengthy screenplay about one technology obsessed protagonist.) The experimental detail shows that he strives to be an alternative from his contemporaries.


"Awaken My Love!" (2016) - The cemented throwback face paint

A complete departure of the "Atlanta" star's usual clever and bright hip hop sound. Glover has crowned himself an efficient expert on seventies funk music by bringing exact replication from the pure magic of legendary sounds of The Isley Brothers, Funkadelic, and even Bootsy Collins (fleshed out properly in the top notch slick chart topper, "Redbone") which is the bravest experimental delight, from top to bottom. Glover does not hold back in the slightest in the nostalgic recreation.

Putting this album together with his two previous releases is such a wild card in Glovers’  discography, all while at a crucial point of the rapper's rapidly evolving career. In hindsight, the “Awaken My Love” aesthetic point was to pull off a successful 180°. How can one top that?


“This Is America” single (2018) - Entertainment's Most Wanted

His upcoming most anticipated full length release yet thanks to the trap bending 808 bass thumping commentary single, “This Is America”, has given Glover a truly remarkable feat that showcases an unfiltered dedication along with the talent to sustain it. 

The musically hybrid track hasn't been out for long but man has the track been layered and dissected. As it should be. The bluesy acoustics and ridiculously cheerful gospel choir shouldn't fit so well with the dark depictions of expected and unfortunate baggage with African American perceptions even in the new age of progression.  

All around the board, the one part successful showrunner, one part Hollywood actor, and one part daring hip-hop rapper and singer, the thirty-five year old entertainment connoisseur is anything but Childish.