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The New Music Release Checklist That Every Artist Should Be Using Right Now

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If you lived in Raleigh and decided to take a cross country roadtrip to Seattle, would you ask Google Maps for directions? Most people would use the navigation technology available to assist them in their travel, but some would just wing it and hope for the best as they hopped in their car and started driving west on Highway I-40. This example is applicable not just to drivers on the way to their destination but also to artists as they navigate through the unknown in relation to their music releases. 

Here is an important checklist to keep in mind as you take the steps towards releasing the new song you just finished recording. 

___ Is the new song I just completed actually dope enough to sell to people?

___ Is the new song I am releasing properly mixed and mastered?

___ Is the new song I am releasing copyrighted?

___ Has a split sheet identifying the producer, songwriter(s), and contributors’ ownership percentage of the song been created?

___ Have I joined a performance rights organization like ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC so that I can be paid when people use my music?

___ Have I created a profile on the social media platforms that can help me promote my new song (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat)?

___ Do I have professionally taken promotional pictures ready? 

___ Have I created an official biography for myself? Or kept it updated?

___ Do I have a press release and/or one sheet for this new song ready? 

___ Do I have a list of ideal blogs to submit my new song to for it to be featured?

___ Do I have a relationship with the owners or contributors of the blogs I plan to submit my new song to?

___ Is the song cover artwork up to par? 

___ Have I decided all the ways I will promote my new song?

___ Have I asked my family, friends, and social media followers to support me by promoting my new song on their social media streams the day it is released?

___ Have I considered submitting the new song to a music licensing platform so that it can be featured in TV commercials, movies, video games, etc.?

___ Have I signed up for a digital music distribution platform so the song will appear on streaming services like Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, or Pandora?

If this checklist is blank for more than three questions, pump your breaks and head on over to The CAB Portal Members Hub right now and look into the appropriate resources, tools, and hacks that will help you be ready to maximize the release of your new song.