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The Pusha T vs Drake Rap Beef From a Toronto Native's Perspective

The Pusha T vs Drake Rap Beef From a Toronto Native's Perspective.png

So I’m sure that everyone and their mama has heard about this wild rap beef between Drake and Pusha T. Both rappers have put out their most recent diss tracks - Duppy Freestyle for Drake and the Story of Adidon for Pusha T. There are so many opinions about whose track beat whose, but what I wanna know is, is this the bitter end or the sweet beginning? Let’s take a look back on how it all got started and see where it may go from a Toronto native's perspective.

Technically this beef has been going on for some years and Drake was just added to it recently, this thing goes all the way back to 2006 some time after Pusha T signed to GOOD music. Push had taken issue with some of the artists at YMCMB, most notably at the time was Lil Wayne which inspired the Clipse track Mr. Me Too featuring Pharrell. The main issue was that artists at GOOD music and YMCMB had worked collaboratively in the past, but Push was not going to stay silent while certain ones were allegedly stealing his lyrics, styles and flows! Push was also pissed off that Lil Wayne and co. were trying to capitalize off of the street style/fashion that Clipse and Pharrell had developed - that hot hood boy meets skateboarder boy look, y’know? From that year up until now there have been various disses in lyrics and shade thrown between both rap empires. Fast forward to a few years later where Drake is signed to Young Money and by default enters the war zone! 

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Basically, Pusha T doesn’t like anyone who isn’t an authentic trendsetter, lyricist or who pretends to be through the fire when they haven’t… He also seems to take issue with the speculation of any rapper being gay as well, ahem like Lil Wayne and Baby. Pusha T raps a lot about his experience as a drug dealer and all the things he had to go through to get to actually be a rapper, so you can probably imagine, his level of anger when Drake popped on the scene fresh off of Degrassi and didn’t have much street cred but was somehow taking the music world by storm.

Pusha T didn’t outwardly target Drake until the 2011 freestyle track Don’t Fuck With Me in which he raps over Drake’s Dreams Money Can Buy. Exodus 23:1 (Pusha T, 2012), Tuscan Leather (Drake, 2013), HGTV (Pusha T, 2016), Two Birds, One Stone (Drake, 2017), Infrared (Pusha T, 2018) and now Duppy Freestyle and the Story of Adidon are all tracks in this back and forth beef that has been going on for a while now.

As for whose track is better, it’s really hard to say, if you prefer east coast sound then you would probably prefer Pusha T’s song, but if you’re from Toronto like I am or appreciate that sound then you may like Drake’s the best. Personally, I like both as each artist was able to deliver some gobsmacking lines and punches where you couldn’t help but cringe or laugh. However it does not seem like this will be it, Pusha T hints that there is more to come as he says it’s going to be a “surgical summer” also there’s the question of whether or not Drake’s child with Sophie Brussaux is the real deal, if so then Push clearly has the leg up right now.

Push also raises issues of race such as Drake’s mixed boy privileges and how he clings to his father’s blackness as a means of having a place in the black community instead of taking a stand on issues like the Black Lives Matter movement or unfair incarceration rates. This sort of “attack on black” makes me think that the baby might actually be a thing.


From what I can see, Drake considers himself to be black, but as we all know people often give Drake flack for being half white/Jewish… and allegedly not starting from the bottom, so imagine him walking around with a non-black woman after praising the black female form so much in his music and having her birth a son who is multiracial, but would appear white at first glance and still not speaking out on any black issues at all - not good for his image! 

As usual Drake's diss track takes more of a danceable approach, yet he’s still serving Pusha T his food and you can definitely shout the lyrics out in the club. Drake also served Pusha T a $100,000 invoice on Instagram for the “promotional assistance and career reviving” which was another ace in the hole. If this is a label to label beef like it has always been then I’m wondering, will Nicki Minaj get involved? She stayed out of the Drake Vs. Meek Mill beef for obvious reasons, but rushed right back to his side after the breakup. So will Nicki show her loyalty now or is she too busy with her new white guy, Eminem? Drake and Wayne came to her assistance when she was up against Remy Ma, but will she do the same now or will she stay out because of his potential deadbeat dad behaviour?

On Pusha T’s side, Kanye West showed that he doesn’t care for it, by stating on Twitter that he’s “about love” and that the beef is dead, but is it? Only time will tell as Pusha T’s new album, Daytona has already dropped and we wait for Drake’s Scorpion slated for a June 2018 release. No matter what side you take, we can all agree that these men are both great rappers in their own right but there can only be one winner! 

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