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What Instagram’s IGTV Means For Artists and Producers


Already a giant in the world of social media, Instagram aims to expand their media reach with the release of their latest app, IGTV. With promises of revolutionizing the way that we watch videos on our mobile devices, the public is already buzzing about the new app. The launch of IGTV has even sparked discussions of possibly replacing YouTube. So what does this mean for producers, artists and other creators who are looking to put their content on the new app?

Let’s start off with the features of the new app. For those who are fans of Instagram’s stories, IGTV will basically that format, with video being the main platform of the app. There are three things that set it apart from both Instagram and its main competitor, YouTube. The app offers the ability to post videos up to 60 minutes long, a format made specifically for posting vertical video, and the ability to search and discover pages more seamlessly. 

All of this sounds good, but what does this mean for producers. Of course, it’s another avenue for posting your content and connecting with your fan or clientele base, but can it offer more than posting your music on other video and social media platforms? 

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The format of IGTV offers plenty of potential for content creators, especially those who can quickly figure out how to take advantage of the new features in creative or innovative. This is also true for producers as well. Being a little more seamless than YouTube and Facebook (as long as they remain ad-free unlike the aforementioned competitors), and uses video as the main format, unlike Instagram and Twitter. Also, it’s built to allow for support of both live and pre-created content.

Basically, this means that as a producer or artist, you can now use the new platform to try new things with the app that would’ve been awkward or impossible on your current apps. Will dropping a free LP or mixtape on IGTV be a tangible approach? Dropping a video, single and behind the scenes in order? All of these are ideas that can be implemented with the new app. 

There is one question that a lot of people have been asking about IGTV; will it replace YouTube or even music sites such as Soundcloud? Honestly, it’s far too early to tell, it would be in the best interest of producers to go ahead and get started with the app, taking advantage of the influx of curious users looking for music on IGTV. 

Whether IGTV is the next big thing or a dud, it can still be useful for promo, pushing your sound and expanding your reach. Even if the site isn’t as huge as it’s competitors, it’s still better to learn before it blows up instead of being producer number 1,986,456 on the site, trying to find the hard way to stand out. So producers, rappers, and content creators, don’t be afraid to download the app and give it a spin!