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Why Music Production is the Key to Artistry and How to Finesse It

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No lyricist ever killed it in the music industry without an amazing beat maker. Most of the music in 2018 is popular based on how legit its production is - the whole era of mumble rap for instance, would be wiped clean off this earth if it wasn’t for artfully placed 808s, kicks, snares, and blaring bass. 

Dope production can essentially make bad music good, and while that’s not the most soul-enriching news of the year, it does help you in terms of moving forward as a musician and getting more listeners.

Invest in a home studio if you haven’t already. It’ll save you money from renting places for sessions. Similarly, invest in high-quality speakers - they are essential. We suggest the KRK Rokit 5 G3 Studio Monitor Speaker Bundle. You can buy used with some equipment, but not these! We suggest these HERE.

Do your research and buy a quality sample pack. Spice things up with new ones room time to time, along with new plugins and instruments in your beats; we suggest these HERE. Watch and talk to other producers instead of being intimidated or scared of the competition. This will help you expand your production knowledge without paying for expensive courses or trying to access dense textbooks. YouTube also has a wealth of free resources. 

Always record dry. Adding effects prematurely makes things more complicated - when you work on it post production, removing effects is much harder. Keeping in clean is a good rule and will help further your creativity, ultimately.

Make sure that you don’t over mix and maximize every track so that you have no room for mastering. Instead of trying to get tracks as loud as possible, the art of well-done mastering (whether by you or a more niche expert) can improve the quality of your tracks vastly.

Remember that sometimes, less is more.  When you overload with effects or instruments, it can distract and overwhelm. Focusing on a few elements and pushing them to the max is when something real and worthy often comes out of it. 

Learn how to organize. If you’re naturally chaotic, avoid that tendency when producing. Keep your computer files, your sessions, and your studios tidy and immaculate. Label and name all project files and tracks.

Lastly, don’t power through all of your sessions. We’re not suggesting meditation sessions, but try to close your eyes while you play a track back, and remember to take 10-15 minute breaks. If you fry your brain all night while mixing, your ears will start to lose perspective and output.