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YouTube is Going into the Music Streaming Business With YouTube Music!

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When it comes to the music streaming Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music are currently dominating the game. However, the big dogs of the business might be seeing some major competition really soon. Youtube is looking to take on the big dogs in their own game with the announcement of their own music streaming service! 

Google, which already has its own streaming service in the form of Google Play Music, is looking to integrate YouTube into the market. Google is planning on doing this by rebranding YouTube's paid service, YouTube Red, into two new options. The first, YouTube Premium, will simply be a rebranding of YouTube Red, keeping the same content. The second will be YouTube Music, which will be released alongside a desktop player designed for music and a newly redesigned mobile app. 

YouTube Music will be available in both an ad-supported and premium, ad-free version. According to a blog post by YouTube, the premium version of it’s music streaming service will be $9.99 per month. Those who are already subscribed to Google Play music will receive access to YouTube Music Premium without a change in price. 

Looking to get a leg up on its popular competitors, YouTube Music will feature exclusive content such as live performances, remixes and covers. The new streaming service will also sport a new feature that definitely sets it apart from the competition; the ability to search for songs without knowing the name of the song or the artist, which truly does sound promising if it can be properly implemented.

YouTube has already dominated the video-streaming market for the past decade, but can will it be able to compete with other favorite streaming services? Only time can tell whether YouTube's new service can dethrone Apple Music, which is currently the most popular streaming service in the United States. YouTube Music and YouTube Premium both launched today.