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Music Submissions, Curated Spotify/YouTube Playlists, Artist Services

The CONNECTOR music submission tool lets artists submit their new music to be strategically pitched to leading music platforms on their behalf, as well as receive free feedback, recommended music platforms, and consulting.

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Option 1 ($25)

We will submit your new song or video to 10 leading music platforms such as blogs, YouTube channels, and curated Spotify and Soundcloud playlists that are highly likely to feature your type of music.

The only music platforms we will submit your music to are those that typically feature content similar to yours, as well as those that have sizable traffic on their blogs, playlists and channels, and have an active social media presence. 

This level of service includes the addition of your song/video to Dopecausewesaid, its curated Spotify/Soundcloud playlists and YouTube channel.

You will also receive free access to the WeSpin musician growth training network. This invitation-only community is valued at $299. 

Option 2 ($70)

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The Richmix is a Spotify playlisting service that specializes in pitching to trusted organic partner playlists within your given genre, with your long-term growth as the ultimate goal. We are happy to partner with The Richmix to offer a special partner service for approved artists. This service includes:

Guaranteed placement on playlists within 48 hours of purchase or we will deliver a refund;
One month of placements at maximum (time length varies depending on list);
Activity Reports on placements;
Pre-Save link generation (for unreleased tracks);
Streaming link for socials (one link that houses links to all streaming platforms); 
Average results - 3-5 placements / 1,000-2,500 streams

*All VIP members receive 25% off their Option 2 (The Richmix) service

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We will recommend to you 10 leading music platforms where you should submit your music yourself. The recommendations include the contact information for each platform and are based on the fact that they typically feature content similar to yours.

*All VIP members receive "Recommendations" for FREE

$10 per song/video


1-on-1 artist consulting with CAB Portal staff and/or music industry insiders (producers, artist managers, PR agents, etc.).

Via Skype/Google Hangout/Phone.

Assistance with music marketing, social media outreach, next steps, etc for your new song or video.

30 minutes per session

$25/per session


There are literally thousands of platforms all over the world that accept music submissions, but how do you know which ones feature music from your subgenre and are worthwhile in terms of traffic, social media interaction, etc.? If your music's subgenre is Emo Rap or Americana, for example, how do you know which out of those thousands of platforms should be focused on to submit your new song or video to?

With CONNECTOR, the headaches are over because our goal is to strategically place your music on platforms suited to your material, helping you build your fan base and generate revenue from streams/downloads, merch and more. If you don't have your own merch and aren't on Spotify, Google Play Music or iTunes, click here NOW!

Understand that if we submit your music on your behalf, it is going to blogs, YouTube channels, and curated Spotify and Soundcloud playlists with a high likelihood of accepting the material based on the style of music that they overwhelmingly feature. And even if you decide not to let us send your music on your behalf, we can tell you which platforms we recommend you submit to yourself and provide honest feedback. 

If you have any questions, concerns, doubts, etc about your new song or video, connect with us for a Consulting session and we'll provide you with strategies for how to maximize your music marketing, social media reach, and more.

Any questions? Check out our FAQ page.