Music Submission Email Templates

Music submission email templates for when artists submit their music to websites and blogs.


When trying to submit your latest song, video, or project to a music website/blog, some will have you complete a form but for others, you will need to email them directly. There is a correct way to go about corresponding with a respective music website/blog via email and a very wrong way.

Below are some tips for how to email music submissions correctly, as well some samples/templates that you can use for yourself. *Change the wording of the samples/templates to fit your needs.

1. Put your artist/band name and the title of the track/video or project in the email subject line. 

2. Do not send MP3s unless they are requested.

3. Include a short description of the track/video or project. 

4. Be sure to include your social media stream and website links under your message; ensure that the links are up to date.

5. If applicable, if you appeared in previous notable blogs, list them and include links. 


Track/Video/Project Submission

Subject: [Blog name] Song [Song name] Debut – [artist/band name]


My name is [name] and I am a [genre] [artist or band name] out of [location]. I found [blog] because of a song feature from [name of another artist featured on blog] that you published a few weeks back. I was wondering if [blog] would be interested in debuting a new single from my upcoming project [mixtape/EP/album name]. It's reminiscent of several other artists [blog] has featured including [name of artists/bands already featured on the blog that favor your music].[artist/band name]/new-song

Thanks for listening!


Request for Review of Project or Track/Video

Subject: [Blog name] Request for Review – [artist/band name] 


Please find enclosed a copy of [artist/band name] new [mixtape/EP/album name] and a photo of [artist/band]. We'd love for you to listen to the [mixtape/EP/album name] and give us a review. If you need any more information about [artist/band], please get in touch![artist/band name]/new-album