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Everybody Tells You That Your New Song Is Fire, But Now What?

Our goal is to put you in the best position to be successful as an artist/producer and as a brand. Of course, it all starts with the passion, desire, patience, and DOPE music required to be successful in the music industry. If you've got all those things checked off, here's when The CAB Portal becomes necessary.

The CAB Portal Will Help You: 

Connect and Build With Other Artists Like You

Learn How To Promote Your Music

Manage Your Time and Resources

Find A Manager/PR

Build Your Fanbase on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

Monetize Your Music and Brand

License Your Music and Get Placements

Your Membership To The CAB Portal Includes:


Receive access to comprehensive lists of blogs and record labels that accept music submissions, recommended platforms/apps, digital music distribution providers, website builders, hashtags

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Our library of informative videos addressing music marketing and promotion, fanbase building, software and equipment for music production

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Our tools include music contracts and US Copyright forms, music submission worksheet and checklist, templates for email submissions, writing an official bio, artist one sheet, and electronic press kits

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Get advice from articles about submitting music, social media outreach, starting your own record label, increased Soundcloud plays, and music licensing

Access to the WeSpin musician growth training network

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The CAB Portal has been ranked #10 in Feedspot's List of the Top 20 Music Marketing Blogs