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Music Promotion

Music Promotion is a music marketing platform that makes it easy for you to promote your music.  It is the first digital ad platform designed exclusively for music, giving you access to play your songs to the right people at the right time inside streaming services or giving you access to place your songs on music websites seen by the right people.  With our Deezer and 8tracks campaigns, your songs are played during stream, targeted to people listening to your style of music and fit your own demographic targeting settings. You will only be charged for "sponsored" songs, songs that are listened to for at least 30 seconds. With our website campaigns, your songs are placed on music websites that are seen by a high traffic of people going to our partnered sites every day. Monitor how fans genuinely interact with your songs through real-time music-focused analytics that help you further analyze, develop, and promote your music.

You know you need to promote your music, but are you using the best tool for the job? DropTrack is the best service for music promotion. Over 30,000 independent artists trust DropTrack to get their music heard by industry global influencers including DJs, labels, and bloggers. When you use DropTrack to promote your music, we can tell you detailed analytics about your audience and how they’re engaging with your music. We’ll tell you who has listened to your music, how far into your song(s) they listened, if they downloaded it, and more.

Considering that your new music video is your most potent piece of marketing currency, effective music video promotion is more essential than ever. You need the best music video promotion company in the music industry to help you and that's where HIP Video Promo comes in. Founded in the year 2000, Andy Gesner and his team have promoted over 3000 music videos and have the experience and relationships necessary to connect your new music video with the maximum amount of new fans possible. As the international leader among music video promotion companies, HIP will work tirelessly to secure the exposure and attention that your music video is worthy of as well as help you grow your fan-base on your social media online properties. We realize you have a choice among music video promotion companies and encourage you to reach out to us first at your earliest convenience.