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Boland - Post Card

Boland feature.jpg

Boland and producer NAWMS (Nathaniel Smith) met in the fated Fall season of 2013. Boland, a new attendee at esteemed Audio Engineering school Metalworks, had just moved into a student home occupied by NAWMS, where the two immediately hit it off on both a personal and professional level. When Boland heard NAWMS flipping the sample of what would later turn into his standout single “Grey Shades”, it was settled. The two have been working together almost exclusively ever since. 

Boland's reputation as both a stellar live performer across North America, and an uncanny lyricist have garnered him acclaim in The Toronto Star as "Your New Favourite Thing" as well as major cover stories in Cashbox Canada, and hip hop blogs Hip Hop Canada and Good Juice Box.

Which brings us to today. Boland, ever the rap connoisseur, prides himself on exceeding his peers lyrically and harkening back to the content heavy flows of yesteryear. Inspired by the likes of Nas, Jay-Z, Big Pun, Big L and others, he is the quintessential “rappers rapper”. However, unlike others who share this love and adoration for the past, Boland does not undermine the efforts and talents of the current, shaping and moulding elements of the current and making them his own. Some months ago, while simply spitballing, he asked NAWMS what he thought he would sound like on a traditional and contemporary trap banger. NAWMS, ever the experimentalist, thought it would sound incredible. This resulted in the debut single from the upcoming Boland EP “Postcard”, a track where Boland flows 1998 on a 2018 masterpiece. 

Check out "Post Card" below and follow Boland on his social media. Also, stay tuned because our exclusive interview with this talented emcee is coming very soon!

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