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J Luchiano - Aww Yeah


Justin Barnett aka J Luchiano is an aspiring artist out of Pennsylvania, currently residing in Atlanta, Ga. He performs what he self proclaims as "Trap & Harmony": A blend of lyrics and visual telling with a tad of harmonizing (if that makes sense). He actually pulls it off with his unique voice. With the ability of attacking versatility and trying different things, he sets his own unique sound in stone.

J Luchiano has released numerous projects and is currently working on his new project called "Trap & Harmony", which contains back to back hits. This project can easily be mistaken for an album, with the time and creativity put forth into it. He is also scheduled for upcoming shows and radio interviews, to be announced at a later time. Without question, he is hard at work, constantly pushing to reach the pinnacle of success.

J Luchiano’s hard work and pursuit of success is evident in his new single “Aww Yeah”, which we’ve got ready for you to listen to below. While you’re at it, check out J Luchiano’s website and follow him on his social media.

Connect with J Luchiano: Website | Twitter | Instagram

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