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PowderCloud - Just Anything

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Fresh off the success of their recent release "Hereos" Danish pop band PowderCloud returns with a new heartfelt single "Just Anything".

A joyous avant-pop band, PowderCloud creates music that pulls at the heart-strings, and their latest offering "Just Anything" rings true to the band’s sound. It’s a touch of pop with a lot of heart mixed in with a tempo you can dance to.

On the single, lead singer Victor says, ”It is a song dealing with the loss of the first great love, a high school relationship that in some ways, never seems to fade away from memory no matter how much time passes,”

The song is reminiscing the good times they had together, but it is also about what transpired about after the relationship ended. It is quite grandiose in the production, yet also an up-tempo song with a soaring chorus. It means a lot to all of us as it was one of the first songs we started tinkering with, and it was quite hard to get it right, but we finally found the perfect version.” 

Their upcoming EP "Songs of the AM" is set out to channel the energizing sound of their charismatic and undeniable charm. The debut EP is due to drop in the coming months with the tracks on the EP about the ups and downs of youth, life, passion, love and most of all, having a great time. 

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