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Samantha Leah - Hot Boy

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Samantha Leah is a multi-dimensional artist representing strength and confidence on one end of the spectrum, with vulnerability and femininity on the other end. Samantha was born in NYC, grew up in NJ, and lived in various parts of California for the last 8 years of her life. One will notice that her music spans across many genres, including (but not limited to) pop, rnb, jazz, experimental, and much more. Aside from being a songwriter and recording artist, she is also a music producer and produces some of her own tracks. Samantha is known for telling stories through her music and speaks on a wide range of topics, including love, sex, female empowerment, spirituality, self-awareness, and lots more.

Her new release, 'Hot Boy,' is a perfect example in how she weaves multiple genres together in unique and creative ways. The track is an up-tempo, 808-influenced Indie RnB/Urban Pop track with a lot of energy. The song is about a female being intrigued by a hot guy at a club on the surface level, but if one listens to the song the entire way through, it becomes clear that the song actually has a female empowerment message behind it.

In Samantha’s own words, “I love this record because there are multiple genre-influences working together here. I also love it because I purposefully wanted to make it a club/mainstream vibe with a plot-twist at the end that still lets you know who I am as a rule-breaker and independent woman”.

Watch Samantha’s video for “Hot Boy” and stream the song on Spotify below. Also, be sure to follow Samantha on her social media and stay tuned because our exclusive interview with this talented singer-songwriter is coming very soon.

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