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V&Shmit - Booby

V&Shmit or Vasilisa Shmit is an aspiring sound producer, singer, songwriter and DJ from Russia. Passion for an enormous number of musical genres and a crazy addiction to music compels her to experiment with sounds, to combine incompatible, at first glance, musical styles and to get extravagant and catchy works.

Vasilisa already has within her arsenal a range of remixes on famous compositions, cover versions, mixes, instrumental tracks in such styles as Deep House, Big Room, Latin, Dance Pop, Melbourne Bounce. Some works, jointly produced with musicians from different countries, but the track "Booby" has become the first single, the starting point of V&Shmit's career as a vocalist. Enjoy the track and be sure to follow her on IG. 

Connect with V&Shmit: Instagram