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Brooklyn Music Festival

Brooklyn Music Festival

The Brooklyn Music Festival is designed to celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of New York City’s largest borough. In the seventeenth century when Dutch colonist first settled in New York no one could have imagined or conceptualized the multi cultural metropolis we’ve come to know and love as Brooklyn.

The twentieth century introduced the Dodgers to Brooklyn and Brooklynites continue to be proud and excited about their own home-team the Brooklyn Nets. The Brooklyn Music Festival at Colonels Row in Governors Island is yet another opportunity for this beloved borough to shine and also to ignite excitement and enthusiasm in a safe and positive atmosphere.

The Brooklyn Music Festival is quality, affordable entertainment delivered with a high level of integrity and professionalism.  Summer 2017 will be a fun day for patrons. It will also be a productive day for  various event sponsors, vendors and non-profit organizations of the event as they will have the opportunity to interact with thousands of enthusiastic fans.

The eclectic group of live entertainers is sure to attract a very diverse audience. The Brooklyn Music Festival’s bands will include Pop, Disco, Funk, Alternative Rock, Country and much more. NEGNYC believes this formula will give birth to The Brooklyn Music Festival as an annual event enjoyed by the whole tri-state area for many years to come.

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Later Event: August 25
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