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Online Audio Mastering

Online Audio Mastering

Every time you upload a track, LANDR creates a custom ‘digital fingerprint’ of your track, cross referencing our database to identify your tracks genre and production styles.

Then, based on the needs of your track, LANDR applies a custom set of adaptive tools like multi-band compression, EQ, stereo enhancement, limiting and aural excitation.

LANDR makes subtle, intelligent frame-by-frame adjustments based on the unique properties of your track. LANDR is subtle and dynamic. There are no presets or simple limited masters here.

Get your songs mastered instantly and cost-effectively with CloudBounce. We provide the most versatile online mastering service for musicians in 70+ countries. You can also get human mastering from our exclusive partner Abbey Road Studios.

eMastered is an online audio mastering engine that's easy to use, fast, and sounds incredible. Made by Grammy winning engineers, their vast experience and skill has allowed us to build an intelligent mastering engine that understands your music mastering needs.