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Recommended Platforms and Apps

Recommended platforms and mobile apps that artists should use.


Here is a comprehensive list of platforms and mobile applications (iOS/Android) that we highly recommend you take a look at to fit your needs in relation to music marketing, tour promotion, social media outreach, online mastering and much more. 

If there are any platforms or mobile applications that you suggest we should add, let us know at our Contact page


Soundrop - Soundrop provides free music distribution and simple and affordable cover song licensing. Soundrop is the risk-free way to distribute your cover songs to the world; the go-to solution for YouTubers & VGM artists. Original songs are always distributed for free! - are experts at growing Twitter accounts by increasing the amount of real Twitter followers their clients have, as well as Instagram and Facebook followers. Best of all, all of their work is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Songsplits - SongSplits is FREE and easy to use for songwriters and music producers to create music publishing split agreements online. They currently help more than 30,000 songwriters and producers and more than 10,000 music publishing companies around the world to document and verify music publishing copyrights and synchronize that information with their managers, attorneys and performance rights societies.

Kobalt - Whether you’re an artist, songwriter, musician, label or music publisher, Kobalt's full range of services - Music Publishing, Music Recordings, and Neighboring Rights - offers a modern alternative to the traditional music industry. 

AWAL - AWAL is the trusted partner of independent artists and labels globally, from new artists at the beginning of their career to global successes. With local offices across the world, AWAL offers services such as distribution, YouTube monetization, playlist promotion, member support from industry experts, and real-time data analytics through the AWAL Portal and App.

Bandsintown Manager - Bandsintown Manager is the industry standard for online tour promotion and social media marketing. Bandsintown Manager, the #1 tour promotion app in the world, gives artists an incredible platform to connect with their fans. Promote tour dates, communicate directly with fans, and increase fan social engagement.

Gigwell - Gigwell is the world's first end-to-end booking management platform. They provide the world's leading artists & booking agencies with the tools needed to maximize revenue, time & efficiency and have helped thousands of touring artists expand their reach, streamline their booking processes & track ticket sales.

Artist Growth - From the office to the road, organize logistics, communications, guest lists, ticket requests, tour merch, finances and everything in between, Artist Growth provides modernized tour and music management. - is a music marketing platform that makes it easy for you to promote your music.  It is the first digital ad platform designed exclusively for music, giving you access to play your songs to the right people at the right time inside streaming services or giving you access to place your songs on music websites seen by the right people.  With their Deezer and 8tracks campaigns, your songs are played during stream, targeted to people listening to your style of music and fit your own demographic targeting settings. You will only be charged for "sponsored" songs, songs that are listened to for at least 30 seconds. With their website campaigns, your songs are placed on music websites that are seen by a high traffic of people going to their partnered sites every day. Monitor how fans genuinely interact with your songs through real-time music-focused analytics that help you further analyze, develop, and promote your music.

Linkfire - Linkfire is smart links for music marketing. Meaning they help music marketing professionals create intelligent links that route fans to the music they love in the apps they love.

Thunderclap - Thunderclap is the first-ever crowdspeaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together. It allows a single message to be mass-shared, flash mob-style, so it rises above the noise of your social networks. By boosting the signal at the same time, Thunderclap helps a single person create action and change like never before.

Musicoin - With a unique currency, fair compensation, transparent contracts and no intermediaries, Musicoin is revolutionizing the creation and distribution of value for musical activity. The Musicoin Blockchain ensures each musician receive the most competitive industry compensation, instantly and automatically, for each stream of music. The Musicoin platform also provides the right tools for musicians to enrich their interactions with fans and collaborations with fellow musicians. Musicians can now focus solely on the one thing they do best - create music!

Spotify For Artists - Spotify For Artists makes it simplifies the process for the artist to easily manage their profile, learn about their listeners, share their playlists, and promote their music all in one place.

LANDR - LANDR is an online mastering service whose goal is to make mastering a quick and easy process, without any special knowledge required, and without compromising on quality.

ArtistECard - is a multi-application platform, designed for entertainment professionals and record labels/management companies to promote talent and their related work. With ArtistEcard, you can build your own website and create a digital press release [EPK], create mobile applications for an iPhone and an Android, as well as create a Facebook application. Best of all, you only need to enter information once--when you create a profile. Once the profile is ready, your information is synched with the rest of the ArtistEcard applications. ArtistEcard allows you to customize backgrounds for free, and offers an easy-to-use content control panel that lets you make changes anytime. Fast, easy, affordable; no programming skills or designers required.

Zoo Labs - Zoo Labs is a nonprofit music accelerator for artists who are seeking to make a sustainable livelihood from their craft. They invest in & explore the intersection between creativity, craft & commercial viability. Their flagship program is the Zoo Labs Music Residency, which is an immersive, live-in 2 week program. It starts with a team of two or more applying to the program. Accepted teams attend the residency at Zoo Labs in Oakland, California. The residency culminates in Release Day, when teams share their new music and present their strategic vision of how to get that music out into the world and above the noise. The day ends with a concert experience from each of the teams.

VFILES - VFILES is a platform which allows you to connect, discover, collaborate, and be a part of what's next.   

Fanburst - Fanburst is a place for musicians and creators to upload and share their music. It provides unlimited uploads for artists, and unlimited streaming for fans.

Dozmia - Dozmia delivers hand-picked music recommendations to users based on their current music taste. This means you can get your music in front of a hyper-targeted audience of passionate music fans.

Submithub - The goal of the website is to centralize the disorganized process of submitting to music blogs. Submithub is here to help curators and artists connect.

Music Gateway - Music Gateway is a B2B platform, specifically designed to allow creative and music industry professionals to connect and work together in a global capacity. Developed by industry professionals from all sectors, Music Gateway helps break down barriers that hinder career development by empowering individuals and companies alike. Their unique software helps streamline the way people connect and progress whether this is through hiring music professionals, collaborating or using it as an A&R vehicle to find new talent. - Studiotime is one of the most popular online music communities with recording studios and professionals in 25+ countries. This service is a discovery tool connecting artists with top studios and industry professionals from all over the world.

RAWArtists - The mission is to provide independent artists within the first 10 years of their creative career with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity. RAW ventures to provide the platform for these artists to be seen, heard, and loved.  RAW showcases indie talent in visual art, film, fashion design, music, performance art, hair and makeup artistry, and photography. RAW is a fun and alternative way for artists to showcase both to their local community and the world-at-large. RAW currently operates in over 60 cities across the United States, Australia, Canada and the UK.

Soundjuice - A tool for musicians to grow and manage their Instagram account. With Soundjuice you will be able to attract thousands of real users to your Instagram profile. Our tool allows you to mass comment, like, and follow your target audience. By the end of 1 month you can expect up to 3,000 new fans.

Limited Run - Limited Run is a premium platform specifically designed for labels, musicians, and artists, selling digital and physical products. With thousands of features, Limited Run is the most powerful platform to sell your music & merch.

CASH Music - CASH Music tools give musicians no-commission stores, email for download widgets, better tour listings, and more — all free, open, customizable, and available to anyone. 

HIP Video Promo - HIP Video Promo provides full-service NATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL, REGIONAL, RETAIL, VIDEO ON-DEMAND and INTERNET outlet music video promotion, as well as considerable social media exposure. They have promoted over 2600 music videos from many of the best independent bands and artists on the planet.

WorldArts - WorldArts empowers artists by giving them the tools and resources to further their careers. It’s a place where fans can discover new music and play an active role in launching the next big artist. They are redefining the way artists and fans engage and support each other.

Feedbands - Feedbands is a crowdsourced record label that lets its users vote on which music should be pressed into vinyl records and delivered to subscribers. It’s a digital-streaming site that has discovered an innovative way to get new music into the hands and ears of fans across North America via their vinyl album subscription service.

Tunedly - Tunedly is an innovative marketplace that connects songwriters and other music creators with world-class session musicians to create professional-sounding music, and makes it easier to get heard. Started by musicians, the idea for the live collaboration music production platform came out of the need to provide better opportunities for people who are interested in making music, but either lack the means to make it happen, or are not able to connect with the right talent and resources.

Gigtown - GigTown is a music technology platform that connects local musicians, live music venues, and fans.

Mobile Applications

OffTop - OffTop is a mobile studio to record, rap, or sing, over beats. Download today to discover beats, record freestyle or written verses, and share your rap or song with the world.

Spinfire - Spinfire is a club marketing app for artists. 

TAD - TAD is the Thumbnail Art Design App for iOS. Creates sleeve and album cover art in minutes.

Triller - Triller is the easiest way to create flawless video. Make celeb-quality music videos, shoot beautiful films, and collaborate with friends to make group videos in seconds.

Timbre - Timbre is a free app for editing video and audio. It also lets you do more than just edit mp3s: you can split and join audio or video, remove sections within a range, and combine files together, as well as remove the sound from your videos or create audio tracks from them.

Cymbal - Cymbal is a mobile social networking application which allows users to comment on and share music via Spotify and SoundCloud integration.

JAM - JAM is a global music creation community on a mission to enable people anywhere to make amazing music & share instantly with the world.

Splice - Splice is the creative hub for the modern musician, providing a cloud-based storage system to sync your projects between your computer and the Splice app. Splice also lets users share projects with other artists for collaborations and offers a library of different effects, sound bytes and plugins to make the most of any musical creation.