Music Podcasts

The CAB Portal podcasts include Music Growth Talks, hosted by Andrew Apanov and Famous Last Words, Let’s Talk Music!, hosted by Jade Oladosu.


Music Growth Talks

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Brought to you by the Dotted Music marketing agency, the Music Growth Talks podcast is all about practical strategies and tactics on growing your audience, earning money & getting stuff done without compromising your art.  Guests on the podcast have included the likes of Jack Conte, Benji Rogers, Dave Kusek, Peter Hollens, Loren Weisman, Tommy Darker, etc

Find the show notes for each of the episodes at the Dotted Music blog HERE

Famous Last Words, Let's Talk Music!

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The Famous Last Words, Let's Talk Music! podcast, hosted by Jade Oladosubi, is all about the artist, specifically the emerging artist. Every week, Jade sits with various invited guests to discuss their artistry, the local music scene in their city, what new music they have coming down the pike, and much more. Featured guests to the podcast have included Autumn Nicholas, Jooselord Magnus, Alex Aff, Shame, Reeko Rokk, ODanzy, and Marketa Fair. 

If you're an artist and would be interested in appearing on the podcast, email us at