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Introduction to The CAB Portal

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Welcome To The CAB Portal

Thank you for deciding to join The CAB Portal, the only platform online that provides artists with so much essential information relevant to music industry success in one centralized place. Learn more about our Starter Kit and sign up for the CollaborAid profile before heading to the Members Hub.   


Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is intended to provide artists and producers with everything they need for their music brand to be successful, in one place. If you're an artist, here you will find resources to get your music mastered, create cover artwork for it, add it to Spotify, Apple Music, etc, promote it on social media, and much more.  If you're a producer, here you'll find loops and presets, tools to promote your beats and platforms that you can add your beats to for sale.

Featured Brands: Urban Outfitters, Boostagram, Shoe Palace, Ditto, Wix, Fiverr, Wavve, Cover Art Factory, LinkFire, Loopmasters, Prime Loops, Stencil, RenderForest, Hip Video Promo, Symphonic Distribution, MusicDiffusion, TuneCore, Feature.Fm, DropTrack, CrowdFire, Marketing Heaven,, Bluehost, SoundPacks, Landr, CloudBounce, eMastered,, Airbit, Beatstars, RawHeatz Beats, Mini Producer, Capital P., KicksUSA, SSENSE, StockX

CollaborAid  - Collaborate With Other CAB Portal Members

We have just launched our CollaborAid section which allows our members to literally Connect x Build and create the next great song together. This new section entails you being able to have your own user profile page, listen to the latest song of another member on their page, and if you like what you hear, you can contact them directly and discuss working together on a collaboration. 

If you want to be added to our CollaborAid database, fill out the form below.